Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities at Addison Pet Yards

Addison Pet Yards is looking for pet-centric and family friendly businesses and pop-ups
to join our concept. We have permanent spaces ready to build out as well as
opportunities for daily or weekend sales in our parking lot.

Pet Retail Supplies

Pet Supplies Wanted! We are seeking a dog and cat supply and grooming retail
business to round out our suite of pet friendly services.


Veterinarian Health Provider

Veterinarian Health Provider Opportunity - Open or extend your practice providing
health care for Addison pets right at Addison Pet Yard. Convenient for clients, fun for pets, visible
for you!


Are you a qualified dog trainer? We have a spot for you!

Pet Pop Ups

Do you have a small business providing specialized pet treats, supplies, grooming, etc?
We’d love to add you to our calendar of events. Contact us for special “pup-up”

Food Pop Ups

Food trucks are welcome to serve lunch, snacks, or sweet treats for all in our large
parking area. Power may be provided on site. Please contact us to reserve a spot.

Rescue organizations are very important to our community. Contact us for availability
to hold adoption events in and around our shops.